Snapchat is becoming one of the biggest social media outlets out there (that’s if it isn’t already). 158 million people worldwide use snapchat every day, with an average of opening the app 18 times a day each! If you think about it from a marketing point of view that is potentially 158 million people that could be viewing your campaign. Whether it be for a restaurant or an up and coming movie creating a good campaign through snapchat to advertise is definitely one of the best forms of getting the word out there, but how do you create a marketing campaign that is going to excite your viewers?


1. Everyone loves a good filter


Most people in this day and age love a good filter. If it’s on Instagram, Facebook, your phone camera or Snapchat. Camera filters are definitely not a thing of the past. Snapchat is known for its amusing and quirky filters so why not add to its collection of fun filters with one that is related to your campaign? Take Taco Bell for instance, on Cinco De Mayo they created and advertised a 24 hour campaign where you can use a filter to turn your face into a Taco. As simple as this sounds the filter in that 24 hour period was viewed 224 million times. To put that into context Snapchat itself said that that many views was equal to about 12 and a half years of play. 


2) Get the celebs to do the talking 

Getting a celebrity guest star on your campaign can only help. If you have that person talking about your product/campaign on a short, informative but yet fun video it will get people interested and talking about the product. McDonald’s did this with Lebron James and used him to promote a new burger that they had coming out on a specific date. He spoke about it in a 36 second video story and within minutes their friends list gained a few thousand followers. Celebrities have fans and fans that look up to them as well. 


3) Hack a Real World Event

Another effective way to use Snapchat (and social media in general) is to “hack” real world events by using Snapchat as a platform for mobile users to engage with the event virtually. A great case study is the Gatorade Super Bowl campaign, which won a gold in the 2016 Cannes mobile lions. The campaign let users create their own personal version of the “Gatorade dunk” which was done in Super Bowl, through a specially made filter. Millions of users created their own virtual super bowl dunks on Snapchat. The result was that more people were reached by Gatorade’s Snapchat super bowl dunk campaign, than Super Bowl itself.